Grand Vie Fall/Winter 2017 - East

112 16 CAMERAS IN ONE | 1 | Shutterbugs take note: Light L16 is a game changer of a camera. Forget carrying bulky lenses around, because this pocket-sized wonder is equipped with 16 of them to capture high resolution, DSLR-quality images with ease. With multiple cameras firing at once, the L16 gives you the freedom to edit depth-of-field and focal point long after shooting, while the 5X optical zoom ensures beautiful close-ups without compromising quality. HiCan Bed | 2 | The bed industry is on notice, with HiCan shattering the barrier separating mattress and entertainment system. A modern- day canopy, the state-of-the-art design includes an HD projector with a 70” home theater screen, automated adjustable head and foot rests, a personal health tracker, and much more. Draw the automated blinds, shut out the world and have yourself a lazy Sunday in this cutting-edge cocoon. Electric Scrambler | 3 | Finally, an electric bicycle that’s equal parts stylish and eco-friendly. The Scrambler from Vintage Electric draws its shape from classic motorcycles, but the 702-watt hour lithium battery is very much built for today, reaching cruising speeds of 36 mph (58 kph). Suitable for a spin around the neighborhood or an off-road excursion, the Scrambler knows no limits thanks to the dual sport suspension and off-road knobby tires woven with KevlarGuard to prevent flats. Cargo-Carrying Robot | 4 | We could all use a helping hand sometimes, and Gita, the cargo-carrying robot from Piaggio Fast Forward, wants to be the solution to lighten your load. The intuitive bot can follow you around, with a holding space of nearly 2,000 cubic inches (the equivalence of two full grocery bags), or send it on a delivery mission in autonomous mode and Gita will carefully avoid any obstacles along the way. Equipped with a secure lock, 360-degree camera and eight-hour battery life, the intelligent companion takes hands free to a new level. Yäan Wellness | 5 | You’ll find much more than good vibes and sunshine at the Yäan Wellness Energy Spa in Tulum, Mexico. A temple of rejuvenation for the mind and body, the center goes beyond pampering and offers ancient wellness techniques from holistic Mayan healers and practitioners from around the world. Indulge in the healing waters treatment, guided by a personal valet, or crank up the heat and feel the cleansing of a temazcal (traditional sweat lodge). Underwater Drone | 6 | Do we need an underwater drone? Probably not, but you better believe we want one. Forget aerial drones (so 2016) — it’s time to explore the seas with the PowerRay: a fully submersible, camera-equipped device that can reach depths of 98 feet (30 meters). Find the perfect place to drop your fishing line or make an aquatic video on your next vacation with the stunning 4K UHD camera and relive the experience in virtual reality using the Zeiss VR One Plus goggles. Add It InYour OwnStyle Defining Luxe 2