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88 contributed by Madzie MacVaugh Enjoy a Good Night’s Rest This Holiday Season Bedding Basics Dillon, founder of The Pillow Bar , takes pride in providing clients the best night of sleep possible. The Pillow Bar has a loyal following of satisfied sleepers who enjoy the boutique’s custom pillows and bedding essentials. “Our goal is to make sure your bed provides clean, restorative sleep so you can wake up pain-free and at your peak to tackle whatever the world throws at you,” says Dillon. “A bed is not just about the luxury. The basic components like the pillows have to be custom-made to fit each person’s unique sleep style and shoulder size.” Depending on sleep style, you can personalize your beds by selecting the proper pillows, which are available in down and down alternative at The Pillow Bar. Your guests will likely want to know where you got your basics after sinking their heads into these pillows. The Pillow Bar’s best-selling and most unique pillows and foundation pieces are: The Front Sleeper offers light and fluffy support, but not so much loft as to make your head bend backward. Many front sleepers suffer from neck and shoulder pain due to pillows with too much fill. Doctors agree, your head should be as close to the mattress as possible to keep correct alignment with your spine. The Side Sleeper is custom- made by considering height in relation to shoulder size, age and sleep style. The Side Sleeper offers you the benefit of sleeping on your side, without waking up with a knot in the back of your neck and your fingers still asleep. This unique pillow helps with head and spine alignment, as well as proper blood flow. The handmade Back Sleeper pillows are made with less fill than the Side Sleeper, but more than the Front Sleeper. The Back Sleeper is designed to keep your head in line with your spine. Too much or too little fill can result in a sore neck and shoulders. A year-round Duvet Insert is ideal for any bedroom and can save both time and money. The Pillow Bar’s duvet insert comes in both down and down-alternative options. Down alternative is an ideal option to down feather, because it is hypoallergenic and easier to clean. Mattress Pads are essential for protecting the actual mattress from wear, tear and spills. The HEFEL brand mattress pad is an Australian-made fine cotton, hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal option. It also has a gel-like hollow fiber fill that enhances comfort. Like pillows, mattress pads are optimal for neck and back support. Luxury Linens The ultimate bed does not stop after you get the foundation right. Walgren, owner of th e Linen Boutique , takes us through the next steps of the process, bedding and décor. Her secret lies in As the holidays approach, it’s time to elevate your bedroom accommodations, whether for yourself or guests. To help you prepare, we consulted two local experts: high-end pillow boutique owner Merrimac Dillon and luxury linen boutique owner JoanneWalgren , to show you how to build the perfect bedroom, from pillows to sheets.