Grand Vie Fall/Winter 2017 - East this truth: The finer the fiber, the better the sheet. “The longer the fiber, the more it can be spun into smoother, stronger and firmer yarn,” says Walgren. “The best, long-staple cotton is used in the finest quality bed linens. Sleep, along with nutrition and exercise, is one of the pillars of health.” The Linen Boutique offers clients the finest-luxury bedding and linens available. Here, you’ll find products from The Pillow Bar, as well as other sought-after brands, such as Peacock Alley and Matouk. Ensure a fulfilling night of sleep by using some of these bedroom decorating tips: 1. Every person should alternate between two to three sets of sheets . The most important factor in selecting a sheet is simple: How does it feel to you? Cotton, silk and linen are all-natural, breathable fabrics. 2. A duvet cover provides the most control over the top layer of your bed. Most, if not all, duvet covers are easy to switch out and can be washed quickly. This allows for seasonal covers and different looks. 3. Quilts and throw blankets at the end of a bed give the entire room a more put- together look. In addition, they provide the option of having an additional layer. 4. Pillows give your bed more dimension, and layering accent pillows, sleeping pillows and shams provides a more luxurious appearance. The pillow-to-bed ratio helps make any bed appear more stylish. Below are some guidelines: Twin bed: one Euro sham and two standard pillows Full or Queen bed: two Euro shams and two standard pillows King bed: two-to-three Euro shams and four King pillows 5. Hosting guests? Go the extra mile to make sure they feel at home. Leave small, but noticeable additions around the room, such as magazines, candles and water bottles. Make sure the guest bathroom has clean linens and toiletries. Flowers are always a nice gesture that freshen any space. ■ 90