Grand Vie Fall/Winter 2017 - West

12 What’s your go-to style of red for serving? White? My favorite red grape is Grenache. It’s thin-skinned, so it’s not really tannic and heavy. Grenache always gives a beautiful richness mid-palate and has a terrific finish to it, and a lovely texture. I gravitate toward crisp, dry styles of white, myself. I’m a huge dry Riesling fan. They are beautiful wines. Most people think of Riesling automatically as being sweet, but drier styles can be just unbelievable. And they age probably longer than any other white grape. [These wines] are very diverse. You can serve them by themselves; because they’re so crisp and dry, they can serve well as an apéritif, and they pair with many different types of foods. How much wine should you have for a party? We serve a fourth of a bottle Perfect Pairings Serving Wine Without the Stress What wine should you bring as a hostess gift? Bubbles. They’re festive, and you can find a wide variety. You can get everything from sweet to bone-dry. You have red, rosé, white. There are all kinds of different bubbles out there in the world. If you look at one country, like Italy, almost every region produces some kind of sparkling wine. What would you bring to family gatherings? For family, I always like to give something that they can open and have over an extended period of time, rather than something that they open and have to consume in one sitting. Some things in that category would be vintage tawny port . . . I’m also a huge old Madeira fan. You can find vintages of that going way back. And those you can have open for years at a time and they don’t spoil. Paul Botamer, wine director at Fearing’s and Advanced Sommelier in the Court of Master Sommeliers, shares with us his favorite holiday wine picks, gift ideas, and his thoughts on what makes a great party. Champagne “Grand Cellier,” Vilmart & Cie 70% Chardonnay 30% Pinot Noir This elegant, finely textured champagne is citrusy, floral and buttery. Aged 10 months in large oak casks, it offers a long, clean finish. Boraso “Tres Picos” Garnacha (2015 Pictured) 100% Garnacha Intense and bursting with flavor, this red wine is well-structured, balanced and offers flavors of cherry, blackberry and plum. of wine for our glasses. So that would be a bottle plus one glass per person over the course of the evening. Your body will metabolize one drink per hour. What makes a great party? Conversation and interaction. In today’s world, everyone seems so plugged-in all the time. Smartphones are great because you can keep in touch with people far away from you, but sometimes they take you away from the person right next to you. Any tips for reducing stress? Keep it simple. Pair things that you know will go well together. Don’t stress about it. For any one dish, there’s 1,000 or more things that will go with it. Pick the wine you’re the most excited about, and your enthusiasm will be contagious for the person you’re enjoying it with. People can feel your passion. ■ The Crane Assembly “Disciples” Napa Valley Red Wine 2015 95% Zinfandel 5% Petite Sirah This complex, aromatic red blend offers a lush, berry cobbler flavor and a strong, lingering finish.