Grand Vie Fall/Winter 2017 - West

13 Prepare in advance Whether rearranging furniture or replacing hand towels in the bathroom, be sure to do these tasks in advance to ensure you’re not rushing the day of your party. Other to-dos to consider: stocking the bathroom with extra hand soap, folding napkins and cleaning all stemware. Games are for all ages Guests of all ages may enjoy board or card games from time to time. Bring out these activities to keep guests entertained after a meal concludes. Don’t worry about the dishes Focus on your guests, rather than what needs to be done when a meal is over. Spending time with friends and family is the reason you hosted your holiday gathering in the first place. ■ Make a schedule Staying organized is simple if you stick to a schedule. By planning out what tasks need to be completed in advance, you can stay on top of your shopping lists, decorating, grocery shopping and food preparation. Keep the menu simple Consider ordering food from a caterer to save time before your next party. Fearing’s offers a variety of catering options perfect for your gathering. “Fearing’s loves to bring its food and dining experience to private parties and events, and our holiday catering menus have some seasonal specials that will create really wonderful ‘Bold Flavors, No Borders’ memories for this year,” says Chef Dean Fearing. “You can book a Fearing’s private party not only at the restaurant, but also at your home or workplace. This is especially popular in the holiday months!” QuickTips Making the Most with Family and Friends