Grand Vie Spring 2018 - East

108 Aston Martin AM37 Yacht | 1 | Described as “the ultimate day boat,” the AM37 combines remarkable design and innovative technology. Created by high-end English carmaker Aston Martin and handcrafted by Quintessence Yachts, the AM37 is a 37-foot-long yacht made of 3,500 unique parts. The day boat is available in two variations: the “Grand Turismo,” which is a leisure power boat, or the more extreme AM37S, which hosts high-powered petrol engines that can reach speeds up to roughly 57 mph. Combining bespoke craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, the AM37 is a remarkable yacht designed for the most discerning buyer. For more information on the AM37, email Quintessence Yachts and mention code “LP VIP” to ensure VIP service. SkyTrak Platinum Golf Simulator Studio | 2 | Improve your backswing at home with your own golf simulation studio. Winner of the 2017 Golf Digest Editor’s Choice Award, SkyTrak Golf Simulator Platinum Studio is designed to provide golfers with accurate shot data away from the golf course. The system pairs the technology of the SkyTrak Launch Monitor with a net, screen and net return mount to create an interactive studio simulation package for both professional and novice golfers . Eleven James | 3 | Based on the philosophy that luxury should be fun and elegant, Eleven James houses beautiful, high-end timepieces without forcing customers to commit to one major purchase. The company’s unique membership structure allows participants to pay a monthly fee to lease watches from luxury brands like Rolex, Cartier and more. Eleven James offers watches for both men and women with memberships starting at $150 per month and extending to $500 per month. In addition to their list of services for members, Eleven James can also facilitate the buying process if a member comes across a rented timepiece that they would like to add to their own personal collectio n. Oura Ring | 4 | The Oura Ring tracks physical activity throughout the day to analyze how daily behaviors affect sleep patterns. The ring is designed to be worn all day and tracks the wearer’s steps, distance traveled and calories burned. All of this data is available in an online dashboard or in their smartphone app. The app helps users understand how to adjust daily activities to perform better during the day and have a better night’s sleep. Both functional and fashionable, the new sleek design of the standard Oura Ring comes in three distinct options: the Heritage, the Balance and the ultra-luxe Balance Diamond, if you’re looking for a little sparkle . Tree Hotel | 5 | Tree Hotel, an experiential lodging company based in the small town of Harads, Sweden, offers a unique experience for those seeking a hotel stay like none other. The owners of Tree Hotel have worked with some of Scandinavia’s leading architects to create “tree rooms” that are suspended 4 to 6 meters above ground within the nearby forest, each with its own distinctive story or t heme. Guests can ch oose from seven tree rooms, including an extraterrestrial-themed UFO tree room or the polished Mirrorcube, which reflects the beautiful forest scene ry. Super Cold Treatment | 6 | Cold treatments have been used for centuries to cure sleeping disorders, skin diseases and much more. Haikko Manor Conference & Spa in Finland is reviving this practice by offering the chilling Super Cold Treatment as a spa experience for guests. To begin the treatment, participants wear a bathing suit accompanied by warm headgear, mittens, socks and felt footwear. Depending on the treatment target, participants sit in the cryo-cabin between 1 to 3 minutes and enjoy a truly invigorat ing experience at a frigid -120°C. After completing the cold treatment, guests receive a commemorative diploma to remember the refreshing experience. Creative experiences and devices reflect the essence of luxury — and staying abreast of the most interesting and exclusive innovations around the world is essential to a luxury lifestyle. We have gathered the following collection of trends that showcases some of our favorite products and pursuits that encourage and cater to a life well lived. Reflecting Luxe inYour Own Style 1