Grand Vie Fall 2018 - West

with Shay Geyer GV: WHAT CHARACTERISTICS DO YOU LOOK FOR IN MATERIALS TO ACHIEVE THE MOST LIFELIKE RESULTS? We’re always in search of the best products to use in our designs and for florals that are most lifelike. Even the moss we use is preserved so it won’t dry out or turn brown. GV: HOW HAVE PERMANENT BOTANICALS CHANGED OR ENHANCED YOUR DESIGNS? Permanent botanicals bring color and life to a room. Our clients love that they can get the look of fresh flowers without the expense of changing them out weekly. GV: WHICH IS YOUR FAVORITE PIECE AND WHY? I’m partial to the fuchsia orchid arrangements. People constantly comment on the color and how lifelike they are. GV: WHAT REACTION DO CLIENTS HAVE WHEN THEY DISCOVER THESE ARE FAUX FLORALS? Most people simply can’t believe it. Our orchids are 3D printed and actually feel real to the touch. GV: DO YOU CUSTOMIZE? We do offer customization. The collection was designed to be ready to go, but we can do any size, flower or container to coordinate with our clients’ interiors. We will be offering exclusive holiday botanicals, so follow us on Instagram to see available designs. GV: WHAT CARE DO YOU RECOMMEND FOR PERMANENT BOTANICALS? Permanent botanicals are very low maintenance. You can use keyboard cleaner, or even a slightly damp cloth, to wipe them down. It’s so easy. Shay Geyer, owner and designer at IBB Design Fine Furnishings, has a passion for interiors and interior products that makes creating beautiful spaces for clients a true dream job. Find her at: Instagram: @DesignerShay Photography by Dan Piassick The botanical collection is available for purchase at IBB Design Fine Furnishings, as well as online at GV: WHAT ABOUT THIS COLLECTION STANDS OUT TO YOU? The containers are so beautiful. We really took the time to select containers that complement each design. 11