Grand Vie Fall 2018 - West

F ort Worth Mayor Betsy Price is a dynamic leader who has skillfully, and graciously, led thenation’s 16th-largest city for thepast sevenyears.Wewere curious to learn how her home serves as a retreat to escape the pressures of guiding one of America’s fastest-growing and forward-thinking urban centers. A small sitting room off the formal dining area is where this Fort Worth native, wife, mother, grandmother and avid cyclist enjoys quiet mornings with the newspaper and her beloved cat, Sophie. It’s an intimate space filled with family memories and personal touches. Mayor Price shares the stories behind a few of her favorite pieces and offers a glimpse into how she spends time in this cozy, peaceful room with plentiful natural light in the city’s popular Overton Park neighborhood. ... IT’S A QUIET PLACE FOR ME TO READ THE PAPER IN THE MORNING AND HAVE A CUP OF TEA ... “ ” 16