Grand Vie Fall 2018 - West

GV: WHAT STYLE OR THEME DID YOU ENVISION FOR THE ROOM? MBP : Our style is traditional, comfortable. We downsized to this home about 10 or 12 years ago, so we needed to fit our favorite pieces as well as introduce new ones in place of things that no longer fit. The whole room is filled with family pieces, a couple of which were my mother and dad’s and I wanted them specifically in this room. The curio case was my grandmother’s. The white lamp belonged to my parents; my first puppy knocked it over and broke it, and mom glued it back. They’re just cozy family memories. GV: WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PIECE? MBP : The couch, because it was my parents’. My mother bought it when I was in elementary school, and through the years it has been passed down — first to my sister and then to me. We had it in our bedroom at our other house, then we had it re-covered for this space. I can’t tell you the number of times it has been redone. It looks different, but it’s still very comfortable and has wonderful memories. GV: HOW DO YOU UTILIZE THE ROOM IN YOUR DAILY ROUTINE? MBP : It’s definitely more formal than our den, but it’s a quiet place for me to read the paper in the morning and have a cup of tea — particularly on Saturday and Sunday mornings, if I’m not headed out in a hurry. I read the paper here, pet Sophie and just enjoy looking out the window. GV: DO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY CELEBRATE ANY TRADITIONS IN THIS SPACE? MBP : We always have our Christmas tree here. It’s open to the dining room and through the kitchen, so you can see it every time you walk in, and it shows through the front window. GV: WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE DESIGN OR ARCHITECTURAL DETAIL? MBP : I love the chair railing and the large window. It provides a lot of natural light, which is nice. I like that it’s a cozy room kind of in between my dining room and kitchen. GV: DOES YOUR FAMILY ENJOY USING THIS SPACE? MBP : It tends to be much more my space. It’s not a room that my family uses very much, because it’s small and there are too many of us — there are 13 in just our immediate family. We tend to live outdoors around the pool and on the patio, otherwise in the den. GV: DO YOU HAVE A FAVORITE MEMORY IN THE ROOM? MBP : There’s no specific one; it’s just a quiet, easy spot for me – it’s kind of my spot. And Sophie’s, she likes spending time here. THE WHOLE ROOM IS FILLED WITH FAMILY PIECES ... THE WHITE LAMP BELONGED TO MY PARENTS; MY FIRST PUPPY KNOCKED IT OVER AND BROKE IT, AND MOM GLUED IT BACK. THEY’RE JUST COZY FAMILY MEMORIES. “ Mayor Betsy Price ”